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Thread: Daytona. The electric journey continues…

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    Daytona. The electric journey continues…

    Catavolt zero brammo munch electric motorcycles at daytona international speedway for ttxgp world final

    Daytona. The electric journey continues…

    Back and forth goes the playhead. Zip, zap. From awesome bikes to smiling faces it skips. Blue skies. Black tarmac. From Hollywood skyline to epic racetrack. I am haunted by memories of airports and hire cars as I wade through the hours of video, filmed on a journey that spanned the globe. As frames of CATAVOLT and Brammo spin by I sit and ponder. What just occurred over two weeks and fifteen thousand kilometres ago? The TTXGP World Championship I hear you say, as you jolt me out of my pondering. Well yes. It was the TTXGP, the amazing electric motorcycle World Championship at Daytona International Speedway. The place where the creme de la creme of electric motorcycle teams came together to compete in a race of electrical supremacy. Hold that thought…

    munch electric motorcycle at ttxgp worl championship

    Tech that spans one hundred years

    It's difficult not to feel inspired at Daytona. For one, the place is massive. Epic beyond expectations. A holy grail, if you will, of racing. A place where the fastest NASCAR racers entertain the masses. One hundred and sixty seven thousand people if you will. You get the picture. Huge! On the weekend the TTXGP bikes were shacked up with the AHRMA crew. Ironically this is the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association.

    catavolt vs yamaha dt at ttxgp

    So the pits were a crazy, oxymoronic blend of historic loud pipes and futuristic humming electric drive trains. A juxtaposition that spanned almost one hundred years of motorcycle tech, ignoring, oh, the past ten or so of ICE 'development'. For your superbike fix you could get along to the AMA pits for a quick drool over the plentiful R1's and S 1000 RR's lining the paddocks.

    brammo electric motorcycle at daytona international speedway for the ttxgp world championship 2012

    This ain't racin'

    Of the five bikes that entered the TTXGP, the only open class competition for the Brammo boys was the awesome Muench rocket piloted by none other than the legendary, Matthias Himmelmann. Even with an eager German on their tail, Bos and Atlas had it wrapped up with top speed. At Daytona, speed is king. So with little competition on the track, why the legendary Daytona circuit? Why the driving across the States? Why the plane from Germany or the veritable convoy from Australia? If it's not racing then what the hell is it?

    catavolt on straight at daytona international speedway ttxgp

    So what is it?

    Pausing the playhead, I can't help but reflect upon the atmosphere at the TTXGP. The curiosity in the pits. The EV grin of the would-be passers by who scored a ride on the awesome Enertrac Electric Motorcycle between charges. The camaraderie preceded on social networks, reflected now in tangible conversations of ingenuity and tech savvy discourse. A microcosm of a global industry just waiting to take hold.

    jeremiah johnson on terry hersnher's zero electric motorcycle at daytona international speedway for ttxgp world finals 2012

    It might be a little early to claim the TTXGP Daytona World Championship 2012 as the ultimate catalyst for electric motorcycle development. I might however, go so far as to say that for many it was the harbinger of some great news. The news that electric motorcycles can hold their own with both the fast and the furious at the greatest racing circuits on the globe. That there is a bunch of very clever and passionate individuals working extremely hard to ensure that motorcyclists will still be riding fast and free when gas eventually hits the wall.

    terry hershner with zero electric motorcycle at daytona international speedway ttxgp

    Nobody knows.

    In four short years it's still too early to predict the potential for electric drive. How could we? We still can't even explain what electricity is yet. We've only been playing with the 'stuff' for four hundred years. One thing is for certain. I have yet to meet a motorcyclist who has not been impressed by electric drive. It's awesome! Don't believe me? Get on down to your Catavolt, Zero, Brammo or Enertrac dealer and jump onboard to really feel what it's like to ride the lightning.

    onboard catavolt with jason morris at ttxgp


    Get your spanners out and start building those electric motorcycles...

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    Very Very cool. Thanks for the post!
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