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Thread: The ElMoto Dream Bike

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    Agree that the CBR1000 frame is probably best of those available. At the end of the day the newer and fewer miles the better.

    Again, from a race bike standpoint one of our riders could always tell which bike was new and which had done half a season of racing by the feel of how much the frame flexed.

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    Oddly enough, I was googling info on the mono tracer (it came up in my ludicrous idea thread) and this elmoto dream bike conversation popped up.

    So here's the question: where do we stand now, four and a half years later?

    When last we left, it was a liter bike frame and no anderson connectors. Oh, and it was yellow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Dillard View Post
    who's this junior member on the board ?
    Regards from Switzerland
    My 2.5 Upgrade Thread

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    Since this thread has been resurrected... Al frames are way stiffer than steel ones. I remember when Honda introduced aluminum frames on their CR dirtbike line and the extra rigidity was a problem at first.
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