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Thread: The 3D Printing and Scanning corner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceweasel View Post
    Not electric, but motorcycle and 3d printed - two out of three ain't bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Duck-Stew View Post
    Being able to manufacture the metal only where it is needed and without the standard capacity for concern with how it is formed out of (relatively) normal shapes will re-define a lot of what we think we know about a LOT of things.
    its like the more technological we become, the more we are able to pseudo model nature

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    Well, my son got his first "big boy job" and decided I needed to get onboard with this newfangled 3D printing hoo-haa for Chrimmas. I've already run out of filament.

    Fun stuff!

    I found a page where they listed all the materials you can print with now - including carbon fiber, flexible rubbery stuff, and polycarb. https://www.matterhackers.com/3d-pri...lament-compare

    I'm just trying to upgrade my Sketchup now to export them there STL files and my pack will have the polycarb endcovers they've always deserved!
    Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

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    Not an ev motorcycle, but I thought this might be of interest. I am a Career and Tech teacher at a high school. My students and I 3d printed an electric go kart! It uses Nissan Leaf batteries, Alltrax controller, and the 0708 motor. Check it out!


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    What about the Nera and Light Rider e-motorcycles? Have you already heard of them?

    They are functional 3D printed prototypes of electric motorbikes. Light Rider is made of aluminum alloy powder and only weighs 77 pounds. It is a clear example of the huge potential of large-format 3D printing in almost any field (source: https://top3dshop.com/blog/large-format-3d-printers)

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