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Thread: A side-by-side comparison of the Empulse and Zero

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    Re: A side-by-side comparison of the Empulse and Zero

    I.e. Brammo is the size 6. Zero is a size 4 (both the S and DS).

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    Right... I didn't know much about the Sevcons, so I looked them up. Apparently Terry switched out to a 6 at Zero and got HUGE improvements... I think efficiency as well as speed, but I'm not sure.

    And why the hell can't you find a YouTube clip of Ed McMahon saying "I did not know that..."? huh?

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    Here's what trikester (background in power electronics) had to say about the Size 6 controller:
    One thing to remember is that the higher the current rating of the controller the more efficient it will be at lower currents. In order to get a higher rating they either have to put more MosFets in parallel or use spec lower "R-on" MosFets as the drivers. Either way there is less voltage drop in any controller rated at a higher current. This means that for normal riding there is lower loss in the controller, which equals longer distance on a charge.
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