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Thread: Piaggio Electric Scooter concept

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    Whatever Travis. I'm honestly just trying learn, here. You said you know of well designed three wheelers that handle well, implying they handle as well as 2- or 4-wheelers, yet I can't get any validation of that from you. I don't see any reason to make personal comments about what I do "on everything", just because I don't buy what you're saying.

    Sorry I missed your point. Maybe you could make it more clearly for my old, foggy brain.

    My only "opinion" is that there is no viable reason - engineering, or physics, or performance, or even economic, to design a vehicle that has only 3 wheels. Thanks to robo, I can now look into it a little more and maybe learn something. Hell, I might even change my opinion.
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    I'm not implying anything. I know that there have been shows that have commended about how well they thought the T-rex handled. I forget what they are, but they were on Youtube. As to how they handle versus 2/4 wheels, I don't know.... it was only versus itself, they thought it handled well.

    About what I did say:
    Quote Originally Posted by frodus View Post
    While it's not as stable as a 4 wheeled vehicle... Its more complex and has more parts than one....But it's also more stable than a 2 Wheeler especially at low speeds. Most have a way to keep you upright at a stop. I know a disabled person that uses one. He's got a bum leg and it's good because he doesn't need to put his feet down at a stop.
    I said it's not as stable as a 4-wheeled vehicle. I don't disagree there.

    I also said, and it may not be clear, that a 4-wheeled vehicle is more complex and has more parts (more suspension stuff) than a 3-wheeler. This adds cost and complexity. Not arguing, just adding another thing to consider when comparing apples to apples.

    I also said that it can be more stable than a 2-wheeler. Having a tripod supporting you, rather than depending on centrifugal force, will really help when at low speeds when that force is minimal. It will also help even at higher speeds because you've got one more wheel touching the ground. Imagine doing down the road on a can-am-spyder and a motorcycle and you hit a cross wind. The motorcycle WILL be pushed and tilt sideways. Due to motorcycle geometry, leaning may cause the bike to turn slightly if the rider doesn't immediately counter steer. The three wheeler will be pushed, but nothing will be causing it to turn aggressively.... it would likely be no different than a cross wind in a small car. That's the stability I'm talking about.

    I didn't say anything about performance or handling with respect to another. I was only speaking stability and economics (less parts cost and no side impact).
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    just to change the topic, maybe guys you should consider the advantages of running an electric 3 wheel with a transmission.....
    Regards from Switzerland
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugues View Post
    just to change the topic, maybe guys you should consider the advantages of running an electric 3 wheel with a transmission.....

    Yeah, it just seems funny that a lot of anything that gets pushed out there as a forward thinking, futuristic electric concept (like the Aptera, best example I can think of) is three wheels. I will be very excited to see several of them this coming weekend, so maybe I'll be eating my words. I'll also have a good chance to talk to the guys who built them, among them, Mike Corbin, and see what they have to say about their decisions.

    I also know Red is still working on an ultra-efficient 3-wheeler, but he doesn't post too often, and for ultra-efficiency I kind of get it... but still. And I certainly get it if you're building a project that you want to have massive "coolosity" factor... (yes. that is a word.)

    We disagree on the stability issue. I don't have to "imagine" riding in a strong cross wind, I well know what that's like after 40+ years of riding, and I'm far more stable doing it on a bike than a car - any car, at any speed. The bike will lean, but track straight unless you're a complete squid.

    Again, I think I get your point, but I think we're just quibbling over the words. But it's important because that was the specific issue I had with the ride I took - the thing was far from stable.

    The basic question is, (and I think I'm re-framing that) is, what exactly does a three wheeled design do better than 2 or 4 wheels?

    Seriously, though, ...but just because I don't get it, doesn't mean I'm "attacking" anyone or anything. I'm just really saying it's not something I'd do. And like the transmissions, the point is, a little healthy disagreement is how we learn... well, some of us I guess.
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    In my priority list

    A 3 wheeler is better that a 4 wheeler because:
    It doesn't need a safety-glass windshield
    It doesn't need windshield wipers
    It doesn't need seat-belts
    It doesn't need bumpers

    A 3 wheeler is better that a 2 wheeler because:
    A recumbent (ie the most aerodynamic position) is much more stable than a 2 wheeler at slow speeds.
    It can carry a lot more groceries ( and batteries)
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    Nobody mentioned the Morgan!

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    Yes! Or the Pembletons...actually a perfect test case. These are British kit cars based on the amazing 2CV. They offer a three wheel kit and a four wheel kit.

    This fellow built both,



    and ended up selling the four wheeler.


    I would love to hear his reasons.
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    Since all this stuff is largely about fun, there's this. It's completely ridiculous, and looks like sh!tloads of fun.

    - Noah Podolefsky -
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    Thanks for the answer Ted (and the video. Hilarious!) And everyone else for the informative discussion. I didn't expect the 3 wheel vs 4 wheel debate to get so... heated. o_O

    I don't have much to contribute to the discussion, I'm afraid. I was just very curious about 3 wheeled vehicles, since so many of them have started to show up and they look pretty cool. I have heard the piaggio mp3 stability is pretty good at highway speeds, but it's not quite as stable as you'd expect at slow speeds. I've been told the wheel lock disengages if you touch the throttle.

    I do have to say, my favorite "3 wheeled" prototype is actually 2 wheeled with self balancing gyroscopes. Ridiculously complicated and unnecessary, but still cool.

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