More interesting information, videos and e-stuff from Yamaha here. I note that the removable battery module looks a lot like the Zero FX (and my power tank) module, so it is probably around 3 to 4 kWh (the article says that the bikes are good for an hour of riding). The two motorcycles really look fancy, but I wonder how much of that cool stuff (note the seat on the street bike) will make it into production? There is also mention of some sort of transmission that can be switched from manual to automatic operation. In addition to the two motorcycles, there is also a concept e-scooter (not all that nice looking, another group of designers must have worked on this project), an e-mini-bike and a very lightweight e-bicycle. I give Yamaha credit for thinking outside of their typical box, now all they have to do is bring the concepts to market and up the performance a bit if they want to sell them to more than just collectors of industrial art.