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Thread: Project - Suzuki RG125 -92

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    Project - Suzuki RG125 -92

    finally time to post my project here. bought a suzuki rg125 made in 1992 last summer paid 6500 sek and managed to sell the engine so ended up paying 5000sek around 750 usd for rolling chassi.

    my target was a lightweight and cheap bike to own, insurance etc. but also with rigid frame, fork, brakes and such. the suzuki seems to meet my requirements quite well. another good thing is that it got steel frame unlike similar competitors like aprilia rs 125 or cagiva mito 125, probably gonna make some small mounts and mods to the frame with the tig later on.

    i've got an enertrac hub motor mhm602 that gonna be laced into a 19" rear wheel and i've swaped the old 17" front wheel to a laced wheel with same size as the new rear wheel, found a used one from a bmw f650.

    rest of the drivetrain gonna be borrowed from a erider thunder 8kw scooter for the moment, contaning 24st chl 50ah and a 6kw sabvoton controller, the plan is to upgrade gradually when i've got everything up and rolling.

    this is roughly what the bike looked like when i bought :

    this is after some fairings were removed:

    simple sketch with 21" wheel:

    with new 19" front wheel from bmw f650:

    the motor after the deliverance, been badly treated:
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    made some test spokes to verify the length, i plan to order spokes and nipples from here; http://www.central-wheel.co.uk/spokes/spokes.html


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