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Thread: Zapcar part-out

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    Zapcar part-out

    Heya everyone, I parted out a few zapcars, and saved the bits from the crusher, and am throwing all the parts up here for someone else who has more time than I to put these parts to good use. The parts are sold as is, and were pulled from a pair of running zapcars. If its a higher ticket item and it doesnt work, mail it back to me and ill get you your money back.

    The whole lot is $800

    $300 - Curtis 80v 350A controller and reversing contactors for a series motor. 300 with contactors, 250 without.

    $ 100- Reversing contactor set

    $ 50 - Curtis 2-wire 5k foot throttles

    $ 200 - 1kw QuickQ charger alg 134 for 6 12v SLA. This can be sent in and reprogrammed for different chemistries for a small fee IIRC.


    ]- $65 - 50v-95v 20A DC-DC converter

    $35 - E stop switch, good for at least 350A.

    $ 100- Small series wound motor with forced induction band and reduction transaxle.
    You pay for shipping, and its yours. I can remove the motor and ship just that.

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    Hey Farfle, is this still available? I'd be interested in the motor and the Curtis controller


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