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Thread: Question on BMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by podolefsky View Post
    Are you sure that was the Lite and not the Pro? For 24S it should be under $700.

    Go here, click Configure under custom near the bottom.


    MiniBMS will still be a lot cheaper.
    I'm pretty sure maybe it has something to do with the amount of "banks". I put three because we have 3 rows of 8 batteries two rows will be one on top of the other and another to the side which may be clearer if you look on our build thread.
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    That could be. You only need one bank if the cells are all in series.
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    Have anybody some solution of BMS for 4 cells 12,8Volts nominal ? If it will be possible, to buy in europe ? I need to manage Vallence 138Ah cells. Thanks for any options

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