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Thread: Let's talk belts.

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    Here is the information I got back from Harlan today:

    Front Sprocket:
    25T - $50
    28T - $40
    30T - $80

    Rear Sprocket
    98T - $100
    132T - $90

    200T - $60
    220T - $90

    I also looked into getting the front sprocket as a Gates off-the-shelf product since it might just be easier to use a plain bore- I'm not sure if Zero uses some proprietary mojo for shaft mounting. A 28t sprocket from Gates is $57, part number PB8MX-28S-12.

    The two main problems I need to solve are tensioning and length. Tensioning- job 1, design, build, and install a tensioner, OK. Length- I only have two stock Zero lengths to choose from. With the 28/98 combo, I would get 21.29" center distance from the 200t, and 24.48" from the 220t belt. However, Gates also sells a standard length 224t belt (~25.12" CD, part number 8MGT-1792-12, $43 from Royal Supply), although in 12mm width. I'm not worried about dropping 2mm of width since I'm not making Zero levels of power. Don't forget tensioner deflection.
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