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Thread: Ideal Elmoto donors

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    Very interesting build that. Use of the hub motor opens up options a load for lower performance vehicles as it frees lots of space for batteries.


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    yeah, there's a long fight and some good science abt unsprung weight with hub motors, but i liked this platform.

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    Curious as to why I can't find any evidence of Suzuki Bandit conversions. Here in the U.K. they are pretty common, cheap, good looking. I'd imagine the 600 would have plenty of space (though they go all the way up to 1200 too).

    Any ideas?

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    The Bandit's steel frame will be easier to weld then the Al GSXR frame, so I think it would be a good chassis to convert if you can find a great deal, go for it and be the first to be a Bandit converter! As far as unsprung weight goes if going with a hub motor, just price in some suspension mods (heavier springs and oil) to make the bike handle properly. I think a 2 wheel drive emc would be very interesting!!
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