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Thread: BMS based on ltc 6804 and arduino

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    Thanks for your advice; right now, I'm not going to make a daisy chain and only using one LTC6804-1. So, I don't need isolating; am I correct?

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    Yes/no. this means that you battery negative will be the only negative, so no isolation of you hv battery.

    It will work but depending on what you want to do this might cause issues.

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    Nice thread. Skimmed it - good luck in your ventures.
    I signed up just to see your pics ;-)

    I started a similar effort based around the LTC6811 (drop in for 6804, found this thread searching for an Eagle Footprint). I need to brush up on my 0-60 skills (nothing to something) so I am going to forge ahead with a fresh design that has some risk boiled into it.

    One of the targets is to manage 28S Zero cell boxes that lost their BMS (or came without one)
    First iteration will be for a 6S electric Kayak.


    P.S. If anyone wants to talk Sevcon, DLD, DCF, Zero... stuff like that... lets engage in another thread. Been doing a lot of that over at Calfee Design.

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