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Thread: Dual motors: How difficult to control?

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    Dual motors: How difficult to control?

    I have been doing research on which motor setup to go with on my reverse trike motorcycle build. I am about to purchase my motor setup since it seems to fit my idea the best and noone has given me a better idea yet....

    Since the motorcycle would benefit greatly from FWD propulsion, my idea is to run dual ME0913's in the very front to maximize cooling from airflow, then off the motor run a chain and sprocket combo or possibly pulley and belt combo caged along the outside of the passenger area, then run custom cv axles to OEM FWD hubs to supply the power to the front wheels.

    My question is if i go with this combination, what is the pro' and con's along with how difficult is it to run dual EV motors for propulsion, i know one will have to be ran the complete opposite of the other to propel both motors in the same direction once mounted shaft outwards.

    This is the motor combo i was thinking of going with
    When i contacted Kelly, they seem like it is not even an issue as long as i use the same sprocket size on both sides, they even recommended that i up to 3 x motor kits to turn it into an AWD setup and give me a potential for 120hp output, they even told me i could add a switch contact to allow removing the front 2 motors voltage circuit for more efficient highway cruising with just the single rear wheel...
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    If you have two separate drive systems up front you run the risk of uneven left/right mixing and possibly a situation where the trike wants to turn, but you can likely tune that out of the system.
    Now when you want to turn, the steering wheels must spin at different rates because of turning radius. This is likely not a problem as the outside wheel/motor speed will get dragged up higher as needed.

    If you physically link the two motors together then feed that into a differential you solve any possible issues, and maybe simplify any custom fab that's needed for the driveline. There are small units available in either the automotive market or power sports/side by side/ATV market.

    End of the day I don't see any major issues and since many motor controllers already have master/slave or dual motor capabilities, the solution is already built in.
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    Some electric bike vendors in Canada made scooters with two motors, on special order. Two controllers, fed off one throttle. The scooters got better range with two motors than one motor, on the same battery pack, all else being equal. (No one tried to explain why.)

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    You might want to look into hub motors for an easier mechanical setup - QS Motors is getting good reviews on ES, 2 or 3 Hubmonsters might also be an option.

    For control, obviously one throttle and controllers that control torque, not speed - this has been discussed before, e.g. on diyelectriccar.
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