I am looking to build ardruino based BMS for 24v 100ah battery pack (8s 100ah calb cells)

1. Programmable LVC and HVC cell levels
2. Cell balancing/shunting. (since it's it big pack, ability to add mosfets to reach 500-750ma shunting)

So far i was looking at LTC680x, there are complains about older versions bugs and inter communication, so the newer versions like LTC6803 or LTC6804.
BQ76PL536A - there are couple of threads on ES, and people report good results with them. Will need 2 chips to monitor 8 cells.
Another option is MAX14920.

How do these chips compare? What's the optimal option for this application?

A little bit about set-up:
25a continuous, 50amp peak, 10amp charger.