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Thread: Parts to party!

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    Parts to party!

    Hi, am very new to the "Green Machine" idea, but want to build my own rechargeable, 60 to 73 VDC bike. I need a motor and controller on the cheap for my first project. The donor bike is a '78 Honda 750A Hondamatic with a badly blown motor and cracked trans case.
    I can't afford much on my first bike conversion, but will share lots of pics and build details as I build this bike. I would even like to do a video series of the UPS (and downs!) On my project.
    Plead contact me if you have ideas. Stacey.

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    I understand the aspect of not being able to afford much, so you have a big task ahead of you. I dont know what kind of range or speed you are looking for, but I would recommend that you begin with a Mars 0709 electric motor, which will run about $500, an Alltrax 7245 motor controller which also will run about $500, and a pack of 6 12v 35ah AGM wheelchair batteries which you should be able to get for $200 or so from a local dealer. This should get you about 10-20 miles, however I would not recommend using on the highway due to lack of speed. In other words... good for back roads or city commuting.

    Total so far $1200.

    Everything thing else you need (recharging, 12v converter, gears and sprockets, electric throttle, framing, etc) will be minimal, but this is a good start imo. With THAT motor and controller you will be able to upgrade gradually to lithium ion or whatever might suit your needs as you learn more.

    All up, you are probably looking at about $1700, just fyi. This might sound like a lot and rather daunting, however when you go down the road and hear crickets, or talk in a normal voice to someone else with just the sound of your chain, motor or air passing by you... there is nothing like it.

    Juiced, a member long ago here on ElMoto.net, posted this diagram and I swear by it. Its seriously the easiest, best way to get rolling. Everything else is upgrades.

    Motorcycle wiring B.jpg
    - Mike

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    Thanks Mike! Sounds great and can handle that if I save and don't hurry. I will likely go with deep cycle motorcycle batteries or small auto batteries, range will likely be about 25 miles and top cruise about 45 mph I think. Stacey.

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