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Thread: Brain Storming for New E-motorcycle project

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    Question Brain Storming for New E-motorcycle project

    So I am basically going to be building an electric motorcycle from scratch. I'm having a hard time deciding on which motor to use. So far I have been thinking about these 2:

    A Brammo variant -Internal Permanent Magnet AC (IPMAC)
    Peak Power/Torque: 41 kW / 74 Nm
    Continuous Power: 25 kW
    Voltage Range: 48-450 Vdc
    Maximum Input Current: 600 Arms
    Base Speed: 5100 RPM
    Peak Efficiency: > 95%
    Weight: 16 kg
    Volume: 4.5 L
    IP Rating: IP66+

    Or AC-20 - is the AC-20 good enough? It seems way heavier than my first option, but I saw someone use it pretty successfully.

    I want to be able to handle the top speeds of the freeway at 80MPH and go the distance of at least 40-50miles, but right now I need to solely focus on just which motor to start with.

    Anyone meet the above requirements with a different motor? Please let me know your setup and what you used.

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    Can you get a Parker motor? And a Sevcon and the sevcon files to drive it correctly?

    Most of the reason people go with the AC20 or some of the Liquid Cooled motors from Electric Motorsport, is that the motors come matched with the controller. This is particularly important with AC driven motors. The motors need to be "tuned" to match the controller that is being used.

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    I see you sell a variety of motors yourself. What AC motor/controller combination would you recommend?


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