Here's some photos of the previous owner's conversion:

He had the small Motenergy brushed motor and low voltage for moped duty. His motor eventually fried and 2 LiFePO4 cells were dead, so I picked up the bike at a discount.

I have TWO ME1003 motors sitting in my garage and a SPM72650 controller. The motor is a direct swap already, but getting 2 on is probably going to be a challenge. I'm going to see if there's a way to mount both motors sharing the driveshaft and still get the sprocket aligned. Plan will be to wire the motors in parallel to the controller (just reversed positive/negative leads to one motor in reverse orientation) and adjust the brush timing for the opposite direction on the one motor.

My temporary battery pack just to get the thing in test drive condition will be a 72v 32 AH LIPO pack, partly borrowed from my LIPO converted lawn mower. The batteries won't handle the max current capability of the controller, but it should be able to get me to top speed to figure out if I need to make changes to the existing sprocket choices.

So... will this thing be stupid fast? I think the torque is going to be over 110 ft-lbs. We're looking at about 50 kW peak output in final form.

Questions and comments welcome. I have zero motorcycle experience but want to put my EV parts to good use!