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Thread: New PID's for Orion BMS and possibility to read Curtis motor data with Torque

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugues View Post
    Finally, i got the whole thing to work

    On my Torque dashboard, i now have both the BMS and Motor/controller data. I cannot see the data in the 3rd party screen on the BMS PC interface, but the PID are anyway available in Torque.

    So a little recap, for those interested:

    - I'm using this CAN repeater/isolator:
    which i bought here:

    - You need to get the Curtis OS files from HPEV to flash your controller if you do not see the BMS menu in your Curtis software. Simply turn on the BMS option

    - I connected the CAN H and L wires from the controller on the CANOP side opposite to the side with the power input. I did not connect the CAN gnd wire

    - I connected the CAN2 H and L wires from the BMS on the CANOP side with the power input. I also connected the shield of the CAN wire to the CAN GND. I used the same 12V supply as the BMS to power the CANOP

    - The list of PID in given in the first post of this thread, you need to define them manually in Torque before calling them from your dashboard screen.

    - You can see my Curtis and BMS printscreens in this file:

    Nice to see the motor amps and rpm, controller and motor temp, Curtis fault code, you can also show the speed of the bike by using the rpm value and divide by the appropriate factor, before i was using GPS speed, not always accurate especially at low speed.

    ALso, with the new OS version and this CAN connection, the controller receives the battery cell voltages and SOC and can reduce power in case of values out of range. I still need to check if i have set this right.

    thanks all !

    Enjoy !

    How did you wire the isolator / repeater to the OBDII? Is it all connected to one bus wire?

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