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Thread: 98 Ninja (Domino)

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    98 Ninja (Domino)

    Howdy everyone!

    I'm back at it again with my previous Ninja project, school, work, military etc. just got the best of my time.

    I hope I can keep you all entertained with what I have in store for you all, I know this set up has been done or is very similar to ones before (JonnyPanic, Phil, incredible builds they inspired me to get back to working on mine)

    I've got a lot of cosmetics done on the bike but it's not perfect and at this rate I'm more focused on getting this snail of a project going so im gearing more towards the mechanical aspects of my build.

    What I've currently got:
    AC-15 motor w/ 1238-7501 controller, spyglass and all (working on trading this set up for another)
    DeltaQ 922-7254 QuiQ-DCI Charger 72V with DC-DC
    12x Nissan Leaf modules


    A fresh-ish '98 Ninja

    I've got renders drawn up in solid-works for my current setup up but as I took further notes I saw some issues with the brake positioning on the bike and the motor's size so if there's any input anyone might have on that, that would be awesome! (That's honestly the biggest issue on the build)

    I'll be posting pictures shortly!

    I've been lurking for a while now and decided to finally make some progress on this project, I absolutely love this community and how closely knit everyone is here! I hope to contribute one day as much as everyone here has!

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    Should be a fun build. Why are you trading the AC-15? Going for a 20 or fit issues?


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