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Thread: 1973 BMW R75/5 electric conversion

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    1973 BMW R75/5 electric conversion

    Decided to break down the Savage and move to a new frame I've had a crush on - the 1973 BMW R75. Got a Hurricane Katrina-flooded donor for $1, so it is go time.

    We've got it working with the parts from the Savage:


    More build: full prototype, week 1, 2, 3.

    Kelly controller - 250 amps now, would like more power, something that can talk to the Eltek/Orion
    Orion BMS - nice unit but big, could shave the heat sink down, but would love something smaller, not sure I can do anything else if I stick with the Eltek
    Eltek charger - a great unit, but I don't have it running at full 220 right now, would need to add cold plate for that. But I've got 220 at the house, so would like to keep, but open to a different charger/bms combo
    Batteries - Loved the Leaf pack but gonna sell em. I'm sitting here looking at two Tesla modules with 888 18650's and cooling circuits, but no BMS hardware. Can't fit em in as is so I could: break the cells down and rebuild a pack. Sell em (got em cheap). Stretch frame and use as is. Thinking about a 3d printed or vac formed battery pack to mimic lines of original motor housing, but not sure.

    Will drop front end, swapping for GSX or BMW rNineT front end. Hoping to vacuum form a transparent gas tank, rough component layout feels good for now.
    Keeping the enertrac b/c I love the look of the shaft drive and the hub motor - mimics the original drum.

    POP QUIZ: What's your dream build on this chassis? I'm ready to sell some of this off or move it to the Vespa. Fire away with ideas! And thx!
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    Vacuum forming a clear tank sounds interesting. I vacuum formed an ABS tank and it showed the rough spots in my mold. Now I'm making a better mold and back at it.


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