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Thread: Hello From Arizona USA

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    Hello From Arizona USA

    I have an SV650 thats pushing 60k miles and I when It dies, I'd like to convert it to an electric bike. I thought It would be good to start researching. I know how to build basic circuits and have some fun projects with my arduino, but I have no idea where to start gathering information for this. Can anyone point me in a direction to start learning?

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    Hello and welcome! I am from central UT. If you ever come up this way, give me a shout. A good place to start would be the many build threads on this forum (under the Tell us about YOUR project subforum). You can also look at evmc2.blogspot.com for a new book that a fellow is about to publish about electric motorcycles. That blog has some good info too.

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    Welcome! Those SV's run forever - you might be better off getting something to convert while the SV keeps you on two wheels.


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