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Thread: CRF Supermoto Conversion

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    CRF Supermoto Conversion

    I am in the very beginning stages of doing a CRF EV conversion. The purpose of the bike is 100% race track. I also have a very well setup competitive gas crf, so doing a side by side build will offer a lot of insight to setting up the EV. Goal is to build the most competitive EV CRF I can for the sole purpose of watching the faces of fast guys after taking it for some test laps. Of course I have a lot of research to do...so time to get to reading!

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    Ah. I see. I needed to read BOTH of your posts. E-Supermoto. Hmmm.. Me gusta! There are a few here and on endless-sphere.com who have done dirt-bike style bike conversions. I'm not one of them, but a quick search should reveal what you're after.
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    I did one and am currently on my 2nd generation version. I'm in the early stages of planning my 3rd gen version.
    This is the motor I am leaning towards: http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/mote...brushless.html


    Alltrax is in the early stages of building a controller for this type of motor and I am probably going to wait for them to accomplish this. Hopefully the next generation of batteries will be available at the same time. This motor will get up to 5000 rpms, so with the right gearing, that translates to 90-100 mph... competitive enough!

    My current build is nowhere near competitive, but my chassis and suspension are top notch!.
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