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Thread: Sachs xtc 125 conversion

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    Sachs xtc 125 conversion

    Hi everyone.
    Been reading and book-marking all i could find about ev conversions on motorbikes since i had a test drive in my buddies BMW i3 electric car.
    Instantly wanted one, but my wallet just isn`t up to it.

    So a Zero or the like would be nice as well but frankly ... still kind of expensive over here in germany.

    A conversion on the other hand might be just within reach. Especially if it stays within the envelope of what i want it for.
    Having build my own design electric rc planes for at least 30 Years i found that there is hardly a difference between an e drive for motorcycles and planes apart the difference in power and Voltage, as well as the MOT ( i belive that is what it`s called - it is the "TÜV" over here we have to deal with) to make it street leagal.
    Having a quite capable OD-DIY cnc shoud help somewhat as well. If only to remaind me that i managed that as well .

    The Goal:

    Having had my fair share of big/heavy and powerful motorbikes i always enjoy riding my trusty 81`SR500 that i own since 28 Years.. lately i had more and more been leaning towards smaller and light(footed) bikes to ride the small country roads surrounding my village. Might be an age thing but i just do not need a big travel bike anymore.. Sold all my big ones, leaving me with my trusty SR
    So i want a motorbike to be used like your regular scooter, bakery, shops, lake, quick trip to city, commute to work (35 km 21 mil one way - i can charge there) or a run around the fields for an hour.
    So highway speeds not strictly neccesary but it should top out above 100 km as not to be a nuisance to other drivers and certainly i do not want to get overtaken by trucks all the time (90 kph).
    In order to get all over town i need aprox 80-90 km max distance ( slow riding) with onboard charging if i go over half of my amperage...
    What i really want is a bike that has a bit of "grunt" - no need to out-do a 750 but being used to my old SR, acceleration should be within say 7-8 ish sec to 100 kph.
    So reasonable preformance no outstanding needet.

    The bike:
    As stated before i want a nimble, smallish bike and i do prefer your typical sportbike. So instead of sourcing a say 600 or even 1000 cc donor bike to end up lighter when done, i figured to use a small type that may gain a few kg in the process but still stays lighter in the end and than the other way.
    Most conversions of bigger bikes end up somewhere in the neighborhood of 190 kg whereas a tiny bike could end up say at 150kg. (assuming lifepo4 batts).

    As there is no need to reinvent the wheel i figured i use following items:
    I was hoping to use 25S72Ah Lifepo (these: https://www.ev-power.eu/index.php?cu...disc&anid=4490 ) which would have been perfect just to find out today that these had been discontinued. Perfect sice match and capacity easy to mount ... bummer.
    -svencon controller
    -throttle tbdt.
    -kp 1200W charger for weight reason... maybe the 1500w one - depends
    -most likely to run a seperate 12 V system as it is required anyway to make the bike street legal.

    The plan:
    Already got the donor bike and de iced it last two mornings.
    Wanted to make templates during the course of this summer ... need some time to save up some money.
    Try to do the build during the early winter and build the bat. in winter. too..
    comes spring i would like to be ready to test it and make it street legal by summer.
    Most likely this won`t work out as already now i need to completely change my battery setup which would have fitted perfectly.. grrrr.

    Anyway that `s it for the moment, if anyone has a source for this bats, preferrably in EU...let me know

    Some pics as well:

    The bike with all needet and all ice removed but with tank is 79 kg as seen in pic its 72kg
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    Forgot to even take pics when i got it so here is what they normally look like:


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    Consider using a hub motor - it frees up loads of space. Check my signature for my thread.
    LeFePo4 is kind of left behind since we got access to OEM class large format cells, I'd have a look for Opel Ampera cells (Volt in the US) from a breaker or Leaf (60AH might be a bit much, though).
    My Suzuki RF400 build over at ES: http://endless-sphere.com/forums/vie...p?f=12&t=35865
    (Enertrac MHM602, Kelly KHB14301, 6kWh AESC modules (Renault, Nissan))
    Based in Dublin, Ireland

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    Well these cells would have fit perfect into the space within the framework and i like the idea of bottom ballancing lifepos.
    I guess i will not use a hub motor for reusing my wheel that i already have and i do not like the idea of the undampened mass.
    Unfortunately we do not have any resellers of nissan leaf type of batts here in germany. Guess it all is directly recycled by the mfg to keep public from a good deal...how dare we to buy used.
    Would not even dare to ask shipping lipos from usa, cost hazzle....

    thanks for your input though



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    A bit of progress at least one that is sort of visible...
    No, i have not been lazy altogether, but most time has been spend for further researches.
    For unlikely being able to source any leaf cells, i guess i will go with Lipos from Alibaba for lack of alternatives...
    Think i will also go for a Kelly controller with the Me1115 for lack of anybody around me albe to help programming the svencons..

    Anyway, managed to get the main attaching points into relation to each other via simple jigs, at first, and transfered them into CAD.
    A milled out leftover wooden panel proved my drawings to be almost perfectly accurate. Just a single bolt needs to be moved by say 0,5mm to fit perfect.
    Also included the motor axis as an aproximation and some paper cutouts to get an impression/ feel of how to use the avialible space.
    Pics may look as the lower battery would not fit into the fairing but that is just caused by the angle of which the pic was taken.
    Next i will cut some foam for simulating a bit more three dimensional..


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