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Thread: Sachs xtc 125 conversion

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    I broke ribs before too... hurt for 10 weeks!! How did you do that? You'll be tinkering in the shop before you know it, just in a lil pain is all
    I like your design work so far... similar to my idea, except you incorporated more components into the plates. I made mine more modular to be able to change batteries or other components as different technologies evolve and become available. Looking forward to final results!
    For what its worth, all of the motor weight and stresses will be on the motor's face where the mounting holes are. The second support plate isn't really doing anything as far as supporting the motor, but I understand the concept and that it's needed to support the other components. You may want to beef up the motor mount side plate to a bit thicker material or gusset it up in select places, like where it attaches to the swingarm pivot and the frame.
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    been in the boulder hall, slipped sideways with my feet without loosing my grip. the cricular motion banged me into a big grip

    As for the bike.
    You are absolutely right with all your tips so far and i guess i mentioned it somewhere above that material thickness is not to be counted atm... i do not want to fiddle with mm here and there unless i decide it to be the final shape... same aplies for length of bolts.. no washers... keep it at a minimum..
    It is true that mostly the first plate takes all the load. But then the complete plates serves just to regain the stability taken out of the frame by removing the ice. The components merely sticking through it, cause they need to go somewhere... not to waste material and weight i try to give each component as many "tasks" as possible to keep the bike somewhat light..
    wish i came up with something more modular and or even lighter but it needs to be street legal.
    Ive been thinking of incorporating a support into the right plate to really take some more of the load (the motor)...something along the lines of how you would secure a part in a lathe... would need to be light and easy to use though...

    guess there will be some more versions coming up


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    Hi Flo

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Your motor mount sounds fine. The practice is to check clearance with all weight on the suspension including rider ie the typical ride height you will have when using the bike. Your clearance sounds fine, if you have a picture I might spot something but I doubt it. Bikes are nice and simple.



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