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Thread: Jareds 1974 honda CL125s

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    Question Jareds 1974 honda CL125s

    hello all! I am new to this forum and would like to pick your brains about this as I build this project up. also sorry in advance for having newbie questions.

    some background on the bike: got it on a CL sale for 800 (alot i know but i can use the motor elsewhere), in running order with some minor patina to everything, only thing that needs help is the turn signal winker (as they called it back then) and some carb work (which ill save the ICE system for another project, drift trike possibly?). The wet weight of this bike is just shy of 230Lbs and it has drum front and rear brakes. In its heyday it had 14hp and is currently geared to 15-40 with a claimed absurd topspeed of 85
    (which i doubt even when it was new unless the test rider was a 40Lbs child).

    Anyway, I already have a daily rider and I would like to turn this into an EV to gain experience in electronic systems (only a few basic courses in college for engineering requirements), get better at welding, work on my 3d modeling/fabrication skills and not get cabin fever this winter. the goals I have in mind for this build are as follows:

    Top speed: 45-65mph, its a light bike and i wouldn't honestly feel comfortable going highway speeds with it anyway.
    Range: 40-60 miles, my work is 10 miles each way but this would also be used for around the town scooting.
    Budget: TBD -hoping for less than 4K total
    final weight: ideally 230Lbs but if it does go over i will need to replace the front and rear shock springs. so the closer to original weight the better.

    As for research? I have been scouring forums and builds but its admittedly a bit overwhelming, there are source sites where the supplier odd named company produces these products and then kit selling sites where you can source the items. And i have seen the wiring diagrams and components that i need (MBS, Controller, Batteries, Charger, ect.) but its hard to tell what is a good deal, what is the best product for my needs, and so forth. for example, from a specification perspective is (https://www.alibaba.com/product-deta...424562cbUfkH6V) this battery good? is there something about this that i should flag an stay away from or is that a great deal and i should go for it? and for motor, AC is becoming popular so maybe that direction? or going DC and getting an in-hub motor to conserve engine compartment space for batteries? lots of unknowns at this point

    anyway, any input anybody would like to contribute I would be very appreciative of. I look forward to getting my hands dirty on this build and thanks in advance!
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