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Thread: Ludicrous idea time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceweasel View Post
    Transmission (2004 k1200GT)
    1st gear: 2.05
    2nd gear: 1.60
    3rd gear: 1.27
    4th gear: 1.04
    5th gear: 0.90
    6th gear: 0.82

    Final drive (2006 K1200S) 2.82

    This should give me choices from 5.78:1 to 2.31:1.
    Curious why you'd go with two different gen BMWs for swingarm and transmission. That trans is made for a right-side swingarm, while the '06 is a left side. (I rode an '02 K1200RS up until I traded it in a month ago.) For that generation transmission, the flywheel/clutch slides over splines on the engine output shaft, and is bolted in place with one bolt right down the center. There's a complete parts fiche online at realoem.com if you haven't found it yet.

    I'm watching with interest!

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    Good eye. I wanted to use the Hossack front end of the 06 and up k12. Those have a swingarm that pivots in the frame, but the transmission is part of the engine block. As I was contemplating this I realized the earlier k bikes used a separate trans. But you are right - that requires flipping the 04 trans over to meet the left side shaft. If this prove problematic, my next theory is to try and mate a r1100gs trans into the frame. Those had the swingarm pivoting in the transmission casing itself. This would keep the trans in the appropriate orientation, and maybe allow for more spacing with my (obscenely long) motor, but I would have to move the shock mount to the other side of the frame along with figuring out how to mount the trans in the frame.

    Choosing the solution becomes something of a chicken and egg problem. I'm trying to figure out which way to go before I try and solve the engine mounts.

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