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Thread: Insurance - Part II

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    Insurance - Part II

    Hello Everyone,

    I thought I would reach out to the whole community to see how new builders of EV Motorcycles or conversions are doing with finding insurance coverage. I found a thread on this subject that didn't have any new posts since 2011. Insurance rules and motor vehicle certification requirements can certainly change quickly in 6 years time. Please let me know:

    1. Your pains
    2. Triumphs
    3. Which company you were successful with
    4. Did you get liability only?
    5. Did you get comprehensive and if so, please tell your story on how that went
    6. Did you end up having to get a facilitator?

    I live in Ontario, Canada and I am finding that I am hitting a wall when it comes to insuring a Home Built EV conversion. I am half way through what I am working on (81' Honda CB750C) and with a finish line some time mid next year, I am a bit dismayed at the cost of how much it will take out of pocket to put something sensible on the road to improve our environmental way of life. A facilitator will be quite costly...

    Greatly appreciate any input you all may have.


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    My pains: waiting an extra 10-15 minutes for the registrar, and then the insurer, to puzzle over my non-existent make and model (Native GPR-S)
    My triumph: Paying $12/6mo for liability-only insurance on my motorcycle, which was categorized as a scooter/segway by the first company, then a 50cc generic motorcycle by the second
    Companies: local agencies both times, small town single-agent situations through SafeCo and then Cincinnati Insurance
    Liability only: Yes.
    No comp.
    No facilitator.

    I think that the small-town factor helped me quite a bit, the local attitude was just not to fuss over something when it can just be dropped in a close-enough category. For the conversion I'll have shortly, I'll probably go the same route.

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    Progressive, insured my eVFR previously, and then my Brammo. It wasn't too hard, but it was more expensive for the eVFR. I got comprehensive for both.

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    For me, insurance thru Progressive was not the hard part. The DMV was the pain in the ass. They required an inspection by the CHP. Luckily, the CHP officer in charge of inspections was a biker and thought the e-conversion was cool. He had no problem signing off on it.
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