I am moving up to a new project, but my current daily ride has to go to finance the new one as a winter project. I ride it almost every day, and it needs nothing.

Some specs:
Based on a Native GPR-S
ME0709 DC motor
Alltrax 7234 motor controller
11 Leaf modules for 5.5kWh nominal, but more like 4.5kWh observed
CycleAnalyst 2.11 for energy info: volts, amps, power, efficiency, etc
2kW onboard charger based on 2x Meanwell RSP power supplies
Domino throttle
Also included: DeltaQ QuiQ-DCI charger, not onboard


Real life range is about 40mi in mixed riding, or 32-35 at 65mph, depending on terrain. Bike has about 8000 miles. I laid it down once a few months ago, a decent scuff to the left panel, a chewed-up left grip, and grind mark on a footpeg have been the only apparent damage. It'd ridden fine since then.

Needs nothing, I just rode it 28 miles today. You can see the build process and more in this thread.

$2500 delivered anywhere along this route or very close to it, on/around November 1-3: