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Thread: Ripperton's 8)

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    Ripperton's 8)

    I love the excitement and enthusiasm of the interviewer! https://youtu.be/vdKDOfXBRMM

    Does anyone know or can take a guess as to how he synched 2 motors together? One for low end and one for high end or both synched to assist equally?? Hmmmmm....
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    I saw this video too- somebody get that dude a chill pill! Neat bike, though- I wish he would race in the eSuperSport class!

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    No need to sync.

    Two controllers, with individual hall sensors. Since they are mechanically linked, one provides more torque they both speed up. Running motors in torque control there is no need to match speeds, speed is fed back to each controller via the hall sensors.

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    He has a build thread on DIY electric car forum that makes for a good (long) read: http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums...ike-41173.html

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