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Thread: 1969 Bridgestone 175 daul scrambler Conversion

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    1969 Bridgestone 175 Dual twin scrambler Conversion

    I bought this 1969 Bridgestone 175 dual twin scrambler for $100.

    The motor is seized and parts are impossible to find. I Know this bike is small so I my have to go with a hub motor. I am looking to get a range of 70-100 miles and speed of 75 Mph+ is this doable for under 5k? I really do not know much about these ev conversions other than what I have read here and googled.

    I see a lot of people use leaf batteries and I think that look good plus inexpensive and easy to wire right? So would 11 or 12 leaf batteries get me that range?

    Thanks and wish me luck

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    As Luck would have it I ended up getting a battery and charger off a 2014 FX 2.8 zero motorcycle I know these are not cheap but I won it in at an online car auction for 700 (copart) there is some good deals on there you could probably find one too. Anyway I have no Idea what I can do with the Battery and charger what else do I need? What motor and controller should I get? do you think it will fit in my Bridgestone? I will be researching but if anyone knows anything about what would be compatible feel free to drop a reply. Thanks so much
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    try to find specs on that particular models and than charge your bat to see condition. Also you know than which kind of setup you are looking for 60V,,,70V,,,
    Do some cardboard templates to check if you can find enough space in that bike,
    IŽd say such an old and probably light weight bike doesn`t accept too much power, so use the Volts of the bat to run a light and not too powerful motor and use reduction in order not to overload the frame..
    Keep in mind, you will need less power than original to make it go equal or better still.
    Try finding build logs of equally light or old motorcycles to give you ideas.

    I am on my first build so i cannot give more substantial info but once you read up a lot you kind of get a feel for what makes sense..




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