Taking preorders.
This charger is amazing. Got the beta model in yesterday.
Does everything.
Balance charge
Balance only
Discharge or cycle
Read Ir
Display 12s all on one screen
All chemistry, even lto and pb

C4012B main spec. is as below,

1. Input: 100-265Vac 18A max. and 10-30V DC 25A max.

2. Battery type: 1-12S lipo, liFe, Lion, Nimh/NiCd, Pb for C4012B

3. Charge current: 1-40A for C4012B, 1500W max. at AC input, and 500W max. at DC input.

4. Discharge current:0.1- 40A 100W max.

5. Balance current:1.2A per cell

6. IR impedance detection,

7. USB update

8. LCD display

9. The size is 278*175*68mm

10. Weight is 2.5kg without input cable.

11. One knob button and one small key set up parameters

12. Two 7 pin balance socket used in two battery connection in series, such as first 3S connect to socket 1, and second 3S connect to socket 2. One 7pin balance socket for C606B

13. Special adapter board prevent two battery from short circuit when reverse connection.

14. Protection on output

l Over voltage protection

l Over current protection

l Over temperature protection when AC charge, DC charge and balancing

l Over temperature protection when battery temperature over setup

l Over power protection

l Short circuit protection

l Anti spark when battery connection

l Battery Reverse polarity protection

l Under voltage protection, when pre-charge fail

15. Two power leads connect to battery pack when charge and discharge

16. One balance wire and adapter board connect to battery balance wire ( similar 9pin wire on BMS)

17. Two C4012B charge 24S battery, the output must be isolated.