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    I am in the process of giving my emc a re-make and have some things that someone else might be able to re-purpose...

    A slightly used Alltrax AXE4834.Will come with 250A fuse, resistor and suppression diode. .

    A used, but very nice ME1003 w/attached fan and a used Alltrax AXE7245. These work perfectly... I put about 2500 miles on them. I bought them used as well so I have no idea how much actual total use they have seen. The controller I bought from Noah (Podolefsky on here) and he had already painted it black. If anyone is interested in a "complete" kit... I can put together this pair of motor and controller, a EV200 contactor w/suppression diode and resistor, the fuse, and 11 Nissan Leaf modules. Again, I have no idea how much life is left in the leaf cells, but they have worked well for me for over a year, about 2500 smiles. I'm upgrading my battery pack as well.

    These are all heavy items and shipping wont be cheap. Shoot me a personal message if you are interested in anything and we can discuss a price. If I sell anything from this ad, I will donate 10% to this forum (Admin... let me know where to send the check!!)
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    Hey bud could you PM me about the battery pack? Thank you!



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