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Thread: 72 volt custom bobber

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    72 volt custom bobber


    A 2012 EV Motorcycle registered with a clear title, ID# and title matches description of type, 2012 ASVE, ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE, registered to the state of Oklahoma...

    It is fully functional, 72 vdc system containing componants such as;

    Axe 72 volt Controller
    7909 Mars Montenergy Motor
    Magura Throttle
    72 volt Contactor
    200 amp fuse block
    Seperate 12vdc system - for lighting, gauges, etc.
    Custom Made Frame, neck from a 1985 Honda Shadow

    BATTERIES - NOTE, no BMS "Battery Management System"...


    Four NCM Lithium battery blocks, total 20 cells and Im guessing that they are 60ah - Made In Germany for the Fiat E500 prototype testing. The distance per charge at 4 volts each cell is unknown. Charging is done with RC Car battery chargers which has been used only as balance chargers at 6amps on LiLo mode which has worked very well...


    Eight LiFePo4 8ah wired for 16ah Headway Cells - Operates the HDI Headlight, LED Parklight, Incadescent Turn Signals and brake light, Digital Gauges, Ground Effects lighting, Alarm System, Horn. Which are charged using four individual 2volt phone chargers for a clean balanced charge...

    *ALSO NOTE - There are five digital volt gauges that indicate the status of the 12vdc battery pack and the four NCM Lithium battery blocks all located on the console "fake gas tank". The charging ports are all located on the front of the battery box, only accesible by removing the cover that is held together with two screws.*

    ================================================== =============


    A.) Custom made fenders "aluminum"
    B.) Custom made springer saddle "aluminum"
    C.) Custom made console "fake gas tank, aluminum"
    D.) Custom made battery box "aluminum"
    E.) Custom made tail light "brass"
    F.) Custom madefoot pegs "steel and copper"
    G.) Custom made frame "13 guage steel cold rolled"
    H.) Custom made rear fender supports "steel"


    Custom painted console "fake gas tank", "airbrushed art with urethane clear coat and faux rust, semi-gloss black paint"...

    Custom painted fenders and support parts "faux rust and semi-gloss black finish"...


    New Tires front and rear "Kenda"...

    New Wheel bearings front and rear...

    Honda Magnum Forks, needs new seals...

    Honda Shadow front spoked wheel, Harley Davidson rear wheel...

    Aluminum 60 tooth rear sprocket, in good shape...

    Could use a new chain, but not needed at this time...

    Honda Shadow brake levers, left handle breaks front wheel, right handle brakes rear wheel, brake pads and rotor in fair shape...

    Custom left and right mirrors...

    HDI headlight system...

    Custom turn signals, new...

    Plastic fog lights, painted faux rust and semi-gloss black...

    ================================================== ==========

    This bike has proven itself as i rode it for two years daily as a commuter without any problems, "work horse". The light weight frame has no cracks or issues from riding it or any of the road conditions i encountered such as pot holes or railrod track crossings etc., it even out ran a tornado once in OKC. It has always been a conversation piece anywhere and everywhere it goes, like taking it to the Live Wire Project at the Harley Davidson in OKC or just going to the grocery store, expect to have at least one person to be waiting for you to ask a lot of questions. It has been very dependable and still is.

    Its original design was to blend in with the ICE Bikes which confused a lot of folks who doesnt understand motorcycles. But this new semi bobber and rat rod look will make the bike stand out from the others, which will still be a main attraction at any motorcycle showing or just riding it on the street.

    Due to the spinal surgery i have recently had and the lack of income is forcing me to sell what i cherish the most. Im asking what i feel is a very reasonable price and im only selling it here on ElMoto.net, hoping it will goto a home of someone who loves electric motorcycles as much as i do...

    I'm asking $4000 dollars or Best Offer for this custom fully functional one of a kind EV Motorcycle, all offers will be considered...

    I will work with you on shipping the bike to you...

    Contact Me;

    ElMoto.net | AJJamesGhostRider@gmail.com | 509.276.2636, ask for AJ | Nine Mile Falls, Wa.


    new battery pack 2018.jpg
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    This thing is really cool - good work on the detailing and fabrication!

    Sorry to hear you have to sell it, I hope you find the right buyer.

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    This is my latest video of my bike with the new cosmetic additions;


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