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Thread: Arduino Based E-Bike Control Computer


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chri5 View Post
    well the bike controls still go through the orginal controls and wires but are mostly non invasively monitored by the logic i dont have/want software running saftey controls like brake lights but can still display information in the arduino if they are active. is your speedo a Hall sensor if so where have you mounted it? im torn between the hall sensor-magnet or encoder wheel and Diode. i would like to do a laser diode just so the bikes got a laser
    I know this is a late reply to your speedo question but I have been a little busy with othet projects. My speedo set up is a magneyic hall sensor. I bastardised the analogue speedo gear wheel and fitted a small magnet to it. The hall sensor is mounted on the outside if the analogue speedo and the 5V, signal and ground are fed to an Arduino Mega, I will post photos when I next tear down the instriment cluster. I still have the analogue tacho on the bike, the rpm and temperature gauge were removed and I mounted a 5 inch tft in their place. I scaled the odometer by resetting the trip meter to zero, rotating the front wheel and counting the number of revolutions to get to one mile. I can go down to 2 decimal places. Just need to refine it and add filters to stop it spiking.

    PM me if you want more information, I am happy to share.


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