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Thread: Electric Motorcycle Sales To Grow To 55 Million By 2023?

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    Electric Motorcycle Sales To Grow To 55 Million By 2023?

    According to this article, a study by Navigant Research claims that worldwide electric motorcycle and scooter sales will increase to a total of 55 million units between 2014 to 2023. They claim that 4.1 million electric two wheelers were sold in 2014 and estimate that 2023 yearly sales will increase to 4.6 million. Granted 98% of those sales were/will be in China, but that still sounds like a lot to me. Anyway, I am not putting any money on that bet. I am not even sure that sales of electric motorcycles in the U.S. were 4000 units in 2012 as claimed in the article. I have been riding an electric motorcycle almost every day since 2009 and I have only seen a couple on the road during that time. Anyway, here it is:


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    I agree, kurama. I wouldn't be too surprised to hear that "electric motorcycles" also includes electric bicycles or mopeds. I certainly don't see very many current IC motorcycle riders, including the current batch of flannel-wearing bearded man-buns, embracing electric power and many of the young people (such as my two late-teenage granddaughters) that I know are not even interested in owning a car, much less a motorcycle. Then there is the price, which is typically about two or three times the cost of a new entry-level Asian-manufactured, IC motorcycle. And insurance for electric motorcycles isn't all that cheap, either. Finally (not really), government cash incentives for buying electric motorcycles are vaporizing and some western states (such as California) are, or will be soon, charging electric motorcycles up to $100 per year more in registration fees than IC vehicles to recoup what legislatures believe are their lack contributing to road maintenance through not paying gas taxes.
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