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Thread: USA Leaf owner wants to convert Derbi supermotard

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    thanks for keeping on posting stuff guys, it really helps...while I might not totally jump on board right away with your recommendations...it does make me think, and this is the stage for lots of that, then rethinking lots more

    so, I looked at it again (my Wife gave me a ride to the shop so I could get my circular saw and still drink green beer) so while my Wife was at the grocery store, which takes her a long time; I noticed a few things

    1) space for the motor up high in the rear sub frame is pretty tight; might have to mod that part of the frame some, but I'd think it would have to be reinforced anyway as the motor has to pivot(like an alternator on a car) for belt or chain tightness ...so that might get extra fancy(more than I'd want it to)...I can tell already this will be an issue, with the motor trying to twist itself right out of there, and not being in the 'strong part' of the frame designed for the engine

    2) jackshaft space is limited....I did think earlier about the swing arm axle pivot being the support for a jack shaft tube(as Richard230 just posted above) but my swing arm and frame narrow right there(where it would need to be wider for both chains/belts to clear beside the tire)...a jack shaft will keep the drive sprocket closer to the swing arm pivot like the ICE/trans had it...and there is way more space for a jack shaft than a 8"dia motor(there is no way any Leaf modules would fit inside the frame if the motor was there)...the jack shaft concept and changed motor location is so I can use Leaf battery modules....without the Leaf battery I looked at 18650 cells, but then there goes my range or run time, and I'm doing just one of those popular Chinese eBike kits ...heck, I'd just buy a Sur Ron

    3) I do have other non running motorcycles....namely I have two CB/CL 350 Scramblers(one I paid $175 for, a week later someone saw it and gave me another matching one)....one of them I put new tires on, beefed up NOS vintage aftermarket rear shocks, heavy front springs, and started cleaning it up to do a cafe racer style(I called it a "Cafe Sport")...the other I used the parts I took off the cafe to build it back to stock, but its engine is screwed....sadly nether has any paperwork, so never bothered to run them http://trushcafesport.blogspot.com/
    ...but they have way more space for a bigger motor(normal location) and battery

    4) I just really want to sell that gixxer...yes, I was/am in love with that bike...but I'm never going to ride it again(would rather be on my CBR1100XX Super Blackbird) and selling it would pretty much fund an el.motorcycle build
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