Time to upgrade!
This will be a slower project, but much faster than the first bike. I learned a lot with the 2008 ninja 250R and it seems like there are no GSXR frames that donít have blown motors. The motor outlives the frame Iím guessing...
But I found a good deal on this 2000 ZX6R.
Frame is straight, all aluminum, got the motor for free(which I plan to sell to help finance e-parts).

Needs some work, the left fork seal is toast, some missing parts, but the brakes are perfect and the bike weighs about 145 lbs without the motor. Pretty good start? I hope so!

I am torn between the AC-20 or the ME1616.
I like Leaf batteries a lot but I might try the 18650ís. Iím looking for about 9KWh or capacity at ~132V.
Or if I can talk my wife into it, 320v system with a remy core.

That will only happen if I can sell the 250R.

Hit me up if you want to buy! I live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Anyway, this will be fun and I have to somehow figure out how to keep it under $10,000.

I am looking for Lightning acceleration but a top speed of *only* 110MPH.

The range will be much more important as well as fast charging and the possibility of a J1772. I want to be able to hit 100 miles on one charge. That way I can take a cruise around the whole city (which is huge).

I seem to have a ton of room on this frame so 132v is not impossible but Iím not sure about how I would even get to 320-330v.

Any ideas, like always, are appreciated!!!

This is going to be fun!

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