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Thread: maintenance on a diy electric motorcycle

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    maintenance on a diy electric motorcycle

    electric vehicles are supposed to be more maintenance free than ICE powered vehicles due to their greater simplicity. However, there's a big difference between something that's designed by professionals, vs something that you make yourself in a garage. I'm wondering aside from the regular perishables (eg. tires, brake fluid, brake pads, drivetrain components), what kind of maintenance is usually expected for a diy electric motorcycle? in theory, there shouldn't be any, but i know murphy's law all too well to actually believe that. I can see temperature management of the motor and battery pack being a potential issue that might need some tweaking from time to time. the motor mount might be another one, because we're putting something on there that the frame wasn't really designed to handle. What else? How common do these problems typically arise?

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    All comes down to the sizing of power components, their monitoring and the way you put them to use.

    The only stressors, or points of fatigue on the system (beyond the remaining few mechanicals you mention above) are heat and vibration.
    The former is a function of current vs cross-section or mass; the latter comes down to how you mount things into the bike.

    In short, as long as your battery is well maintained (so fit a decent BMS) the rest can be kept in check by using the right type of fixings and components sized appropriately for their duty load.

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    I have been riding Zeros for the past 5 years and have yet to perform any maintenance to the drive train or any other part other than the chassis parts mentioned above. Probably the only unusual maintenance that an electric motorcycle needs that an IC motorcycle doesn't need is to keep the batteries balanced and in good condition, as mentioned by Spoonman. If you built the bike yourself, you probably know where its weak links might be.
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