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Dual disc brakes
Rear hub motor
Headway battery pack
Hidden electric drivetrain, stealth setup
Full chrome package
Many custom parts -swingarm, speedo housing, battery trays under stock fenders, kill switch, wire looms

I bought this bike from a well known importer of Headway battery cells who did most of the work to this bike in Washington state, USA. He did some fantastic body work, paint work and electrical to get this bike to 90%. Most importantly, he had a custom rear swing arm made for this. He also had a custom speedo and aluminum collar made for the cockpit. German front end brake also added. The drivetrain components come from Kelly (high voltage controller, 72v), and a 6kw rear hub motor.

The bike
The bike also has a test pack of headway cells ready to go. Jim fabricated some battery cases to fit under the rear cowls. Super slick. It has been wired to keep everything super hidden. Reviving the stock motor gives tons of room for controller and other gear under the seat. This bike looks completely stock from the outside. On top of that, it comes with a full suite of chrome body parts - front rack, rear rack, white wall spare, chrome hub.

Getting it finished
Depending on your skill level, this bike requires a few hours (experienced with electric bikes or motorcycles) to a few days (for rookies who are handy with basic electronics) to get running on the test pack, which should provide 10-15 miles. I will provide two hours of online a and a for any buyer to share what I learned about the bike while I had it.

After getting this going, if it Isnít fast enough for you, I would recommend upgrading to the new EnerTrac water-cooled hub motor. That and some 18650 cells would make this an epic electric bike.

Why Iím selling
I bought this to make it my waterproof daily driver. Parking and other constraints at work mean I need a different option thatís legally a bicycle, not a tagged motorcycle.

I spent five years looking for the right electric Vespa, and this is still one of the best in the US. If you want to put in a little work, this could be an amazing solution for you.

Clear title
Is in previous ownerís name to be signed over to new owner.

This is a local pickup listing only, but I will work with any shipper you arrange for pick up and transport from New Orleans, LA.

Matt Candler
Night Shift Bikes

Hereís Jimís original build thread: http://elmoto.net/showthread.php?t=2...Electric+Vespa

Reserve is $2k

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