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Thread: First EV Build: Brushless/Lipo Ninja 500

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
    That's unfortunate news. What year and model Subaru? I've read lots of similar things happening to other subarus on the wrx forums.
    2005 Legacy 2.5 GT

    So basically a Legacy with WRX powertrain. Absolutely love the car, and I shouldn't really be too surprised - I learned after buying it that the previous owner did NOT take very good care of it. The current engine could potentially be saved, but it also burned a fair bit of oil, so I'm just going to spend a bit extra and put an IAG forged shortblock. It's gonna sting, and I'll probably be about $3500 - $4000 into getting it back together (I already had a turbo and a bunch of other goodies for it), after which it will be making a fairly reliable 375-400hp on E85 (basically just going to max out a VF52 on E85).

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    Priorities priorities!
    That will give you more time to wait for better batteries to come our way!
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