OK, this is kind of off-the-wall for ElMoto, but I'm super exited about it. It's an idea I had about 10 years ago:


Many artists use photographs for source material. Many years ago, we worked on an idea to use a computer monitor to display photos for the artist, eliminating the inevitable transposition of a paper print. Finally, the technology has reached a point where it’s feasible and workable.

We used a Samsung Q6F television, and simply prepped the image with our layout and positioning in Photoshop. We loaded the image using a USB drive. Though color profiling the display, and driving it through a computer would result in a higher fidelity image, the on-screen adjustments seem to work fine, and allow the artist to adjust the display to taste.

The image appears entirely life-like, giving the artist the ability to paint as if the subject was sitting in the room.