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Thread: My pitch

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    My pitch

    This may be a bit off topic or the wrong thread but I'd like some feedback on my pitch to people who do t know much about elmotos or that are trying to get rid of a bike for my business.

    Please be kind....

    If you have a bike or know someone who does and they just can't sell it or just want it gone, you can donate the bike to my company,

    UpCycle Motorsports LLC.

    I take bikes that need a lot of work and convert them to fully electric, then sell them at a discount to military verterans and the public.
    Let me know if you don't get the bike sold and I can come by anytime to pick it up, free of charge.

    You get a tax write-off at the end of this fiscal year.

    Title, no title I don't care but prefer title of course.

    Thanks!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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    Nicman... your build space is looking a lot like mine! LOL
    I don't know about starting an electric motorcycle conversion business...
    but the thought does make me ponder
    Maybe when batteries become awesome, they may become marketable. We're just not there yet. And once you work intimately with a specific make and model chassis, and get good and jiggy with it, you could design a model specific kit that some other DIY garage entrepreneur could use. You could even have a whole catalog of different chassis kits. It could potentially enable a lot of people.
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    Cool project idea! Do you have any completed builds that you could share some pics with us? Thanks


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