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    Quote Originally Posted by Functional Artist View Post
    So, this is how you'all treat newbies?

    I joined this forum to share my electric motorcycle conversion. (~2,800 views in 3 weeks)

    In my first week, of being a new member of this forum, I've been told
    ...my writing is unreadable
    ...my videos suck
    ...my motor is in a bad place
    ...my "jack shaft" idler is "an overweight and overwrought design"
    ...if this was some incredible build, I'd be a lot more willing to put up with the idiosyncratic style, but honestly, it's not.
    ...it's a "low powered", "art bike
    ...& then, I got banned for defending myself, my craftsmanship & my art in "my own thread"

    I am & have been a member of many forums for many years & I have never been bullied or have ever had a problem like this & I have never before, been banned from any forum...ever.

    This Ted Dillard & Electro Flyers are "classic/textbook" examples of "Trolls" or some may refer this type of behavior as "Haters"

    They Trolled & Flamed & Spammed "my" motorcycle build thread until it was deemed "impossible to follow" & got it "closed"
    Perhaps you should learn how to accept suggestions and opinions about your posts and builds without resorting to "defending" yourself with
    name calling, threats, and general bad manners. Maybe then, you won't be banned and shut-down!

    My family is going through a painful time where one member has a rare, crippling brain disease that results in unpredictable, frustrating, and erratic behavior. Some of your behavior on this forum mirrors that family members behavior. Without being judgmental, and asking with as much patience as I can muster, do you have some condition that might explain your behavior on this forum? If so, I think we are all big enough here to accept that reality and deal with it the best we can. Converting motorcycles to EVs should be open to all people with the skills and desires to do so.
    But, people here are still not going to let you get away with crappy/unsafe designs and builds without comments! I would expect, and welcome, the same response from the people here(you included) for my designs and builds. You should too.
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