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Thread: 1980 Kawasaki 440 LTD 8kW conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodus View Post
    I've just kept it to myself is all. Let me share some of my thoughts:

    - Cool project. Most of us here have at least started where you are. It's awesome you're trying to create something new and that you've found this hobby. It's a kick in the pants.

    - It seems like you've done some of your own research. I do think that you should welcome more comments and opinions as a way to learn and develop your projects. You don't know everything. Neither do we, but we have a lot of tribal knowledge and it's a goldmine in a forum like this.

    - Your writing style is unique, to say the least. I think I speak for everyone here when I say, it's very difficult to read, and very hard to follow. Maybe try to put things into a structure of paragraphs that are a little easier for the general public to read.

    - You're not very willing to take any sort of criticism, and I saw this on the DIY Electric Car forum as well. It would be good if you learned to take some criticism in a more positive way. There's dozens of ways to do something, and many of the forum members, myself and Ted included, have been doing this for many years and have multiple projects under our belt. We're sharing information that might keep you from going down a path that wastes your time, money and energy. Don't fault us for sharing an alternate view on how something can be done.

    - You're as guilty as we are of not reading everything. On multiple occasions you've not read people's comments. Realize that, no one (not even you) has time to read every word of every thread from every member. I seriously doubt anyone has read all of my posts (or yours for that matter) from start to finish. Please don't get upset because someone didn't pick up on a small detail in post 21 on page 3 of your 5 page project thread. Just repeat the detail we missed and move on.

    - Your posts are in a randomized order of historic chronology. It's a bit like watching the movie "Memento" where the scenes are out of order. That may be your style, but it ain't for everyone, and I find it's hard to track the current state of your project when you keep switching from 2017 to 2018.

    - You're not making many friends on here due to your reactions. Don't ask longtime members "who the **** do you think you are" and expect a positive response. You're the new guy on a forum full of longtime members that have converted multiple projects going back to maybe 2007. We know a lot about this technology and have been around since before there was an electric motorcycle forum, and before Zero and Brammo even existed. Please respect that.

    - Ted not only wrote a book, but he's converted a handful of vehicles and has established a maker-space in his homedown for others to build and learn. He's done a lot to not only share knowledge, but also nurture people's urge to build and learn by creating a space and adding tools they can use.

    - I didn't particularly like Ted over the years. He's a jerk sometimes, and he may be hard headed, but we all are. You've resembled that lately too. Lighten up and learn to let things roll off the sleeve.

    - I can't watch your videos, as they make me motion sick. Please try to hold the camera steady or get a tripod.
    I have been working with & advocating for electric vehicles for a few years now
    ...this isn't my first endeavor

    Yup, I've done tons of research
    ...a lot of it here on this forum

    I was just showing what I've learned & assembled, on my own
    ...plus adding my own "artistic twist"

    If you (or anyone) likes "my art", that's great
    ...if you don't, that's your opinion

    I thought about it but, nope I'm not gonna change my writing style

    I am sharing "my project" in "my style"
    ...if you don't like it, don't read it (I'm NOT trying to sell books)

    My videos, of my projects, are for my personal purposes
    ...to video document "my projects" for my future reference (I'm NOT trying to sell "how to" videos either)

    I am going "out of my way" to share "my" personal stuff
    ...but, if it makes you nauseous...please...don't watch

    Ted (Jelly) is not really a "long time member" (join date Sept 2017)
    ...I even assembled & test rode my electric motorcycle conversion "before" he was even a member on this forum
    ...but, he is a "paying advertiser/sponsor"

    * I have a tri-pod (as I said)
    ...it cramps "my style" (sometimes)

    I have produced 200+ videos
    ...does that make me an expert?

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    Welcome back, and thanks for not disappointing. I figured you wouldn't have changed your attitude (or your style), and would come out of the gate swinging.

    "Ted (Jelly) is not really a "long time member" (join date Sept 2017)
    ...I even assembled & test rode my electric motorcycle conversion "before" he was even a member on this forum
    ...but, he is a "paying advertiser/sponsor"

    I've been a member here since the shortly after the forum started in 2009. Travis has been on for about a year longer and invited me to join. The forum crashed a few years in and lost all members and data, and then while I was writing the book I pulled out because it took up so much of my time - so my current membership started up again after I finished the latest book. So yeah, you're talking out of your ass again, and once again from ignorance.

    Mike put up the Power in Flux banner ad as a personal favor, and I deeply appreciate it. No, I'm not a paid sponsor. He's a good friend.

    Speaking of good friends, Power in Flux was supported by members of this community, here, and on other forums, to the tune of over $11,000 via Kickstarter. It took several years to compile, and quite a while longer to actually write due, in large part, to the overwhelming contributions of many, many people who made EVs and electric motorcycles what they are today. You can think or say whatever you want about their contribution, and my efforts to compile them, it means literally nothing.

    Yes, I pulled up the rules and asked that they be posted somewhere other than the initial signup agreement, because some people seem to need to be reminded of how to behave. I did it for the benefit of the group, not just because of you and your behavior. I also flagged two of your posts after you started insulting me personally. I'm flagging this one too, and others have flagged your posts as well - not just me. I didn't get you banned. You got you banned.

    In my opinion, after a week of me enjoying the forum once again, you're right back at it. If I was a moderator (and I was, for a bit that I had time to try to make a contribution to Mike's hard work) I'd just ban you straightaway. That's not my call, however I just made that recommendation directly to Mike.

    If I were you I'd take a deep breath, read Travis' post once again, and ask myself if I want to take some sincere, constructive criticism, behave like an adult, ("Jelly"? Seriously?) and improve the quality of my posts... ignoring that at the risk of being forced to leave ElMoto permanently.
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    Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

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    I've said my "peace"

    I'm done with the drama

    I'm here for electric motorcycle stuff

    Back to "my" motorcycle conversion

    Last fall I only test rode 'er ~5 times
    ...to make sure everything was functional
    & to see what she could do

    (I guess the "thrill of Victory" over came the potential of "Agony of defeat")

    But, I didn't have the proper safety equipment
    ...a motorcycle license
    ...or have 'er registered & insured

    So, as a (somewhat) responsible adult
    ...I kept testing to a minimum

    The top speed was ~25 MPH
    & the range seemed to be ~5 miles

    Then, I charged the batteries up good & put 'er away for the winter

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    Over the winter, I did tons of research & development

    I wanted to refine, smooth out & tidy-up everything, especially the wiring & cables

    But, also look into
    ...system monitoring
    ...changing some components
    & maybe upgrading to a Lithium battery pack

    Here is ~40 videos on my R & D of monitoring & potential alternative components

    Don't forget your nausea pills

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    If/when I upgrade to lithium, I think I'm gonna try a 2kWh section of a Chevrolet Volt battery pack (~45V 47AH)

    So, while gathering info I sent an Email to a guy that has some Volt battery sections for sale on eBay

    I am interested in using a 48V 47AH section of a Chev Volt Battery (seen on eBay) for an electric motorcycle conversion. I see where it says "BMS leads available" but, what about a BMS?
    Do you sell or can you recommend an appropriate BMS for this battery?
    Thank you, Kevin

    His response:

    Hello Kevin,
    Im afraid there are so many options for the bms, that I dont bother getting them.
    It is all about preference. Some are plug and play, others give you more control over what happens.
    It is up to you. Searching "12s BMS" on ebay will bring up many results. The question is what discharge amount would work best for you.

    So, lookin' on eBay, I found this:


    Applicable for
    43V (3.6V * 12S) lithium battery & packs
    44V (3.7V * 12S) lithium battery & packs
    50.4V (4.2V * 12S) lithium battery & packs
    Lithium battery (Li-ion)
    Prismatic Lithium Polymer battery (Li-Po)

    Technical Parameters:

    Balanced current: 60mA (VCELL = 3.90V when)
    Balanced for: 4.20 0.05 V
    Over-charged Protection: 4.2 0.05 V
    Over-charged Release: 4.05 0.05 V
    Over-discharged Protection: 2.9 0.05 V
    Over-charged delay: 5mS
    Over-current Protecton: 100 A
    Supports Max. Continuing Discharge Current: 100A
    Max Charge Current : 40A
    Static power consumption: less than 200uA
    Short-circuit protection function: disconnect the load from the recovery.
    Dimension: 200mm * 110mm * 20mm (L*W*T) - with Radiating Board

    The main functions: Over-charged, Over-discharged protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, with Balancing function.

    Interface Definition:

    The board have balancing function. So you may see a balance connector with 12 wires, below chart shows how to connect the wires onto 12 batteries to realize balancing and protection.
    1.The Positive output on Battery Pack (48V + ) could connecting to charger positive pole (charger +)
    2.Battery Pack (48V -) connecting with B- on board
    3.Chip board P- connecting to Charger Negative Pole (charger -)
    4.Chip board P- could be Negative output for charger, motor, controller
    5.Battery B+ could be Positive output for charger, motor, controller

    1, The charging port and the discharge port of the board are the same Positive port. B- for negative Pole of the battery pack, P- is negative pole for both discharging and charging.

    2, B-, P- welding pad are through-hole port, hole diameter of 3.5 mm; You could use solder iron to weld the wires through the hole port, Every charging port for battery are the DC needle seat forms output.

    3, First connect the B- to the battery pack, then re-check with the battery voltages, then connect the 12 wires onto the batteries, Do not connect in wrong ordering, or it will burn out the board.

    If you made wrong connection and reverse the board that will cause smoke, please check with every wire to be sure you are doing correct connection.
    check all the wires voltage with orderly, start from B- , and see if it increasing from 3.6V, like:

    ( wires / voltage )
    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12
    3.7V - 7.4V - 11.1V - 14.8V - 18V - 22V - 24V - 29.6V - 33V - 36V - 40V - 44V

    Check every voltage on the wire step by step before plug in the connector. Check every wire and see if the orderly are correct. Because if any of the wire get a wrong order, it will get burnt. Smoke shows board already get burnt for protecting the battery being damaged by wrong connection, For DIY assembling. Please make sure you are capable to do the assembling before ordering! If you dont know how to do the connection, DONT ORDER IT!

    The BMS only use for new and consistent high drain batteries.
    Do not use for battery packs that mix with new & half-used, or mix with different brand battery cells.
    Do not use for used and imbalance battery cells.
    Do not use for batteries with fake capacity.
    Do not touch the board by hand while it is charging / discharging.

    *If you charge the battery by Lithium Balance Charger, then there's no need to use BMS.

    Hmmm, "no need to use a BMS"?

    I'm gonna have to look into this
    ...yup, more research

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    Here is lots more research on

    Component ideas

    Chevy Volt batteries, BMS & charging

    & battery pack monitoring (Batt-Bridge R & D)

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    PM sent.
    Thread taking a time out.

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