I have a Quiq HF/PFC 72V charger 912-7200 and it been behaving strange for a while.

I bought it used from a member on ES and I think it was reprogrammed by Frodus some years ago.

I use algorithm #123 which should have end voltage 89.1V, when I bought it it ended at 90.3 V which is better for my build ( 11 Leaf modules) .

But now I see that end voltage creep up and now end voltage is about 90.55V. I also see often that during charge ammeter LED's on the side goes up and down fast several times and I see that on my ammeter too. I looks like charger tries to increase amperes, but go down again. Charging amps goes fast up and down and as example today - I returned from a trip where pack SOC is 50% , charger starts to charge at 11,6 A, but now few minutes later it charges at 1.2 A when pack voltage is still low ( 85,6V).

I checked all contacts between the charger and my battery, I use Anderson Power pole for connectors.

I use charger in same manner as before. On charging cable - green wire is disconnected, red wire connected to my battery's plus, and white and black wire is connected together to battery minus. Temperature sensor on the cable lug i received was cut of.


Can it be that I use charger in wrong way and I should connect temperature sensor back? I tried it once but charger didn't started the