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Thread: What my wife THOUGHT I was building...


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    What my wife THOUGHT I was building...

    So, I had two builds under my belt, and I decided I got the basics nailed. I wanted to build a nice bike.

    I've always loved what is now loosely called "cafe racers", and I had a 1975 Yamaha RD350B that I'd blueprinted, bored and ported, and did all the frame and suspension tweaks we used to do back in the '80s and I loved it, except for the pipey 2-stroke thing. I mean, it scared the crap outta me, but that gets old fast, especially if you just want to go down to the store for a rack o' poundahs. (6-pack of beer, to those not from around here...) SO I was looking for one of those frames to port my parts over to for a nice cafe build.

    That vintage frame is scarce around these parts, so when I found one a few hours away, I jumped on it. (The guy says, dude. It's a frame. I'm like, yeah I know what it is. He says, no. It's just a frame. I'm like, is it a 1971 R5 frame, like you said? He said yes. I said then I know what it is and I want it. He said, no problem, it's a long drive and I just wanted to be sure.)

    So I call my wife (you were wondering when I'd get around to her, right?) and tell her I'm going to be a few hours late from work, drive the long way home via North Brookfield MA. (godforsaken country), pull this frame out of a literal chicken coop, toss it in the truck and drive home. Wait, I think I have a photo.


    I drop it in the driveway, bring home an Epson large-format printer box (about 60" long by 4' square) and use that to sandblast the frame. I paint it in the driveway, and then bring it into the cellar. A few months later, I pull it out, all yellow, and park it in the driveway, and she walks by it. She says, oh, you got a new nice yellow motorcycle?


    I was like, what the hell do you think I've been doing in the cellar for the last few months? She said oh, I dunno, I figured you were building some sort of Zombie Fembot.


    ...so what does YOUR wife (or husband) think you're building?
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