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Thread: Ride Videos - Tips and Tricks

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    No worries - I don't know how to do things like make my phone run my bike, so I try to help where I can!

    OK, so yeah, if it looks OK there, you may be using weird settings that are rendering it badly out of the Windows app, and yes, your camera shoots the MP4 codex that Bill Gates doesn't like. If the Windows thing saved the Project, you may be able to just go in and try exporting it again with high-quality settings. That is if you want to wait another 3 days to have it rendered.

    I sure get it with the learning curve. I took a trainer's class in Final Cut Pro to get certified, and I bet you $10 I wouldn't remember how to use it today. AND I just spent the morning trying to remember all the stuff I'd learned and forgotten about SketchUp.

    iMovie on that old Mac you mentioned would take a whole lot of the sting out of it, I think. It's really intuitive. If you ever decide to try this again, fire up that old Apple box and give that a go. Which of course I'm going to ask for on your NEXT build...
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