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Thread: Aerial Ace

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    Aerial Ace

    Anyone ever heard of an Aerial Ace?

    It's a motorcycle, not a "flying" ace or some goofy Pokeyman thing (IDK. it came up in a google search)

    I came across it while doing research on the Aerial Atom.


    It's actually an ICE bike (for now), but it looks (to me) like it would make a great electric conversion with the wide open design & the strength of that frame, I would think that it'll carry the extra weight of batteries well.

    IIRC I've also seen some Suzuki's with a frame designed like this.
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    Yeah, that's from Ariel Motor Co, a UK based company with a presence in the US as well. Here's their history:

    If you look through that, in what, 2005 I think, Craig Bramscher brought the Ariel Atom 2 to the US, then pretty quickly moved to electric motorcycles with the Brammo Enertia.

    They're the same company that brought a bunch of motorcycles to the world, starting in 1916 as well as bicycles and legit cars (again, on that link) including my personal favorite, the Ariel Square 4, a 4 cylinder motor in a square configuration, of which I've see one in person. Bizarre and cool.

    Here's a piece on Bramscher getting it approved for registration in Oregon: http://mailtribune.com/business/bram...indeed-special

    Yup, those trellis frames seem like they'd make great conversions. I've had my eye on the Ducatis for years now.
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    Suzuki made the Gamma, also a square 4, but a 2-stroke... bizarre is right.
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    He He Check out the Ariel "Razor"


    It's just a "toy" but, the designer definitely had the Ariel Ace in mind.
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