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Thread: 60v LiFePO4 Battery Pack with Charger and BMS - FREE SHIPPING

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    60v LiFePO4 Battery Pack with Charger and BMS - FREE SHIPPING

    This pack consists of:
    - 20 LiFePO4 cells, each one is 3.2V and 60 Ah.
    - Mini BMS which includes one head board and 20 module boards
    - One TCCH PFC-700 Charger, 60v, 12 amp

    I had this pack in my electric Ninja along with an Alltrax AXE7245 controller and Mars/Motenergy ME1003 motor. The charger is substantial in size, but I had it mounted on the bike with no issues (under the gas tank shell). The bike was good for going around town, but Iíve now decided to go in a different direction with it.

    These components originally cost me about $2,500 before shipping (I have the original invoice) and they really didnít see much use, as it took me a long time to finish the bike, and I didnít ride it much. They should still have many charge cycles in them. I have the manuals for the charger and MiniBMS, and extra busbars, as well.

    I am asking $1100 for the whole setup and will ship to anywhere in the 48 contiguous US States, INCLUDED.
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