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Thread: ..and another thing - Kymco!

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    ..and another thing - Kymco!

    Also - Kymco surprised everybody by revealing an electric superbike - also SUPER sexy!

    They're calling it the 'SuperNEX' and this one is a bit more 'gimmick' than 'future' though IMO (and yes, I'm aware that I'm saying that having just posted about a bike that comes with a jacket which integrates a 'haptic' experience, but nevertheless).
    The folk at the show knew very little about it themselves, and there's very little info available in the wild as yet.

    What I could ascertain was that it has a 6-speed box and a clutch (although I'm not sure of the precise nature of the the clutch) simply because it's 'part of the feel' of riding a bike.
    They're also putting substantial emphasis on the fact that it's designed to make a noise which is pimped as a replacement for the loss of noise from an engine.
    The only other detail they're releasing are the top speed and the time to get there, which is something like 2.6s to 100km/h and 10.45 to 160km/h IIRC.

    ...so they're clearly playing to the market rather than the technology, but nevertheless, I'd have on in the stable given the funds.

    Again - higher res images available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yCy9e2L4WrDsEuQS8
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    Another nice looking electric superbike concept that will never hit the marketplace. That comment about the gearbox and clutch reminds me of what the founder of Brammo said to me in 2010 when I met him at the Sears Point racetrack. I tried to argue that an electric motorcycle could use more battery space instead of a gearbox and clutch, much less a six-speed transmission. But he didn't seem to be listening.
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